Discovery! Goblin lakeside resort in Feralas

Yes you can still find new things in Azeroth no matter how long you’ve been playing. You’ll need a flying mount to get to The Steam Pools resort located in the mountain range on the southern border of Feralas. Once there you can sauna away your battle grime while enjoying the fungal green light. Don’t venture too far from the resort if you’re a lower level as the mobs are 85. They mostly hang around the oil slicks, byproduct everywhere of goblin genius.

Your entrance into this grand resort!

Actual wading is available!

Flexing Blood Elves abound!

Hedonism runs rampant!

Mammoth rides! Mammoths being scrubbed down after Worgen guests.

Now sadly you can’t buy anything here, though there are several drinks vendors with cocktails. Inside the resort itself there are a few goblins still working on the construction of the place so we assume all its glories have yet to be revealed. Of course there is still some coin to be made and the beach itself is quite populated. Maybe in the Great Gallywix Patch this resort will also be fully realized.


The gorgeous Sharm and trailers as they used to be

Sharm, or taintedlore as she is known on youtube is a talented singer and parody artist, a creator of many perfect WoW videos that will no doubt end up on this blog because they need to be seen! Now I’ve watched a lot of these Katy Perry E.T. youtubes because it’s a perfect fandom song (K/S, we love you!), but Sharm’s original lyrics and great voice really stand out.

Something else stands out.. OH the beauty of past trailers. Is there ever going to be a Mists of Pandaria trailer in this style? I think the reception would have been a lot warmer were we not treated to that cartoony trailer. If you want the skeptics (and I’m not one) to embrace Panda Land how about showing us them in a proper trailer? What’s wrong Blizz, were you not prepared?

For a vortex named “the Sundering” it’s not very deadly

For some reason I’ve never tried to fly into this before but since I was only wearing Lovey Purple Dress I thought I’d see what happened.. well nothing happens. Invisible WoW wall before you hit the water. So of course I had to dismount midair and then you DO die, sort of. When you hit res you aren’t in spirit form but very much alive in Northern Stranglethorn. Needs more death.


(the sound of the waterfalls is oddly soothing)